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Tutto Luggage Offer Solutions:

Tutto Patented Backsaving Luggage may be the easiest and most practical luggage to use, combining exceptional rolling balance, stackability, and collaspsibility. The frames are durable, resilient fiberglass and can easily handle 1 or 2 more bags stacked on top of them. In fact, you can stack up to 100 lbs. on top of them without a problem. The rigid U-shaped puller bar is anchored on either side of the frame for fingertip control. Tutto's engineer built the wheels into the frame of the luggage for a natural, no-tip balance. Also, Tutto's weight is evenly distributed on the 4 caster wheels. This lessens the strain of the load on your back and arm compared to ordinary 2 wheel bags. Tutto luggage has been recommended by Back Specialists and Physiotherapists. And did we mention that all sizes fold down to a mere 3 inches for compact storage. All these features add up to a better bag.

You don't only have to take our word for it either. To read what Tutto owner have to say, select here.


Tutto Luggage Selection:

Tutto's Carry-On

Tutto's Carry-On
  • Accommodates 2-4 days of clothing
  • Roomy interior with an easy-access zipper opening
  • Lightweight, yet strong
  • Unsurpasses balance and maneuverability
  • Collapses all the way down to 3 inches for compact storage
  • Fits in the overhead bins and under the seats of most aircrafts
  • Made with durable Ballistic nylon

New fun colors! (This piece only.)

Item # 4020CO measures 20.5" Wide x 13" High x 9" Deep
Priced at only $143.50



Tutto's Maximizer Suiter
The Maximizer Suiter

  • Accommodates 3-6 days of clothing
  • Suitcase on one side and suiter on the other
  • Removable garment cover
  • You can stack 100 lbs. on top
  • Unsurpasses balance and maneuverability
  • Fits in the overhead bins

Item # 4022ST measures 22" Wide x 15" High x 9" Deep
Priced at only $160.50


Tutto's Pullmans in Three Sizes

Folded View of Pullmans The Pullmans Open View of Pullman

  • Three sizes to accommodate your needs
  • Roomy interior with pockets and tie-downs
  • Three exterior pockets for added space
  • Broad-based wheels for better traction
  • Lightweight
  • Easy maneuverability
  • 4 wheels to carry all the load not just two like other bags
  • Stackable, use it like a luggage cart for your other bags
  • Collapses all the way down to 3 inches for compact storage


Large Pullman

Item # 5028PM measures 28.5" Wide x 22" High x 12" Deep
Priced at only $225.00


Medium Pullman
Item# 5026PM measures 26.5" Wide x 20" High x 12" Deep
Priced at only $194.00


Small Pullman
Item #5024 measures 24.5" Wide x 18" High x 12" Deep
Priced at only $177.00


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