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Kiva Travelgoods

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The KIVA name and logo was born out of a proud American tradition. The pueblo dwelling Indians from the southwestern United States believed that life first traveled to this world through the KIVA, a tribal dwelling. Since the main purpose of the KIVA was to support travel into the world, the name was selected. The logo, a bird in flight, is an interpretation of a large geoglyph from the early South American Indians of Peru. These figures can only be seen fully from the air. This orientation of flying fits well with KIVA and also communicates a travel focus. At KIVA, they believe whether your goal is to travel to the highest peaks, or to travel to that critical business meeting after an all night red-eye, their products will be there to support you every step of the way.
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There are two collections to choose from. The Freelance Collection is sporty and innovative. The Freelance Collection combines light weight design with heavy-duty durability and colorful fabrics. You will find a varitey of bags from backpacks to a big mouth case.The Elements Collection is slightly casual yet still professional. The special fabric is a must see! It is a collection that will appeal those seeking an alternative to stuffy while still projecting a professional image.

Freelance Collection

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Kiva Cares

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